Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bath Salts are Back!

After a few requests, I started making bath salts again!

Some of you may remember them from the shop... in that back room where you could scoop your own...

Since we can't bring the jars to you (unless I get that bath products truck that I want!), we're now selling our salts by the bag.

We're starting with the following 7 scents AND we've also got a create your own bath salt idea, too!

Blossom: Our Blossom scent is a mix of green apple, red apple, raspberry, red currant, a hint of strawberry and a touch of a light floral scent. Smells like summertime fruits and their delicate blossoms.

Cupcake: Our Cupcake scent smells just like it sounds... just like sweet vanilla & butter cream frosting with a tiny hint of lemon.

English Garden: English Garden has top notes of tuberose and jasmine mixed with freesia, sweet pea, lilac, lily of the valley. It also has a subtle hint of powdery vanilla. It smells like spring in a faraway garden.

Island Floral: Island Floral is a tropical mix of pikaki, plumeria, osmanthus flower, and jasmine.

Lavender: Our lavender is a little sweeter and a lot less medicinal-smelling than most... we start with Provencial lavender and add a touch of vanilla, brown sugar and the slightest hint of lemon. The result is a sweet, warm lavender scent.

Orchard: Orchard is a mix of pomegranate, pear, red apple, red currant, fig and a hint of pink grapefruit. It's a scent that is slightly leafy, yet sweet and tart.

Seashore: Seashore is a very light aquatic fresh scent that starts with a watery aquaflore scent mixed with a clean marine scent, a hint of rain and a hint of citrus.

And CUSTOM!!! Something completely new... Custom bath salts. Choose your color, your scent recipe and even add a custom label (for an additional fee). These would make perfect party favors... especially with a custom label! ("Thanks for joining us!" is always a great choice... for example.) We can even add a picture, some glitter, a ribbon or rhinestones. (Almost) anything you can dream up! We have over 60 scents to choose from and we can even order your favorite scent. (The guest of honor or the bride's favorite perfume, perhaps? We can get almost any scent imaginable!)

Can you tell I'm excited about the custom bath salt idea? I love matching party favors to the invitation to the cupcakes to the centerpieces to the... (and on and on).

And here are the health benefits of soaking in epsom and sea salts.... it relieves stress, removes toxins from the body, regulates your electrolytes and works like an antiseptic to help heal wounds. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, discovered the therapeutic qualities of seawater by noticing the healing affects it had on the injured hands of fishermen. Click on the epsom salt link to read more!

Oh, and after you soak in the salts… your bathroom will smell fantastic ;)

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