Saturday, April 23, 2011

Birdie Drawings...

I painted some little birds that will be featured in some of my new designs...

Somehow, they all adopted a different little attitude :)

puffed up smug bird

stretching happy proud bird

curious content bird

"I'm watching you with one eye!" bird

this one is my favorite... he's just super happy

and this one was supposed to be a parakeet... but he turned into an owl-parrot. & he doesn't look too happy to see us, so he won't make eye contact.

Yes... everything I draw gets a personality ;)

Made using water color pencils while watching sex and the city 2 (true story).


  1. those are so cute!
    i especially love smug bird :)

  2. Oh my I love every one. I just adore paintings of birds.


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