Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two of Two for Tuesday - Shelves

I was flipping through a magazine (of course I can't remember which one anymore, and the photo was already cropped.)... but look at this shelving!

I know it's been done before, and I've seen something similar at Ikea, and on Trading Spaces... but I just loved how this shelf grouping is set up.

I'm thinking a whole wall of shelves like this... perhaps I could assemble them on the ground then mount (to avoid a zillion holes in the wall) and paint some with flowers and leave some plain with just a clear coat or white wash. I love what they did with them in this picture, color wise. I could frame a few out with molding and put pictures or a mirror in them... make a whole focal shelf wall. Ooooh... I smell a project :) And in my office, I can customize my wall o' shelves to include ribbon dowels, hooks, large shelves for my jars (we don't have earthquakes in NC! woohoo! hehe) and other fun little cubbies. And in the bathroom... and in the...

Yep, I think I like them.

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