Friday, February 24, 2012

Art Journal - Bouquets of Watercolor Flowers

Getting in the Mother's Day mood and painting lots of bouquets of flowers. These were painted using watercolors and a little acrylic whitewash on top. I'm loving this technique and how it's so light, delicate and sort of misty-dreamy. I tend to be heavy handed with traditional acrylic so this is a good exercise in self control, color speaking.

Most of these are wedding arrangements or bouquets. I love all the colorful, fancy bridal bouquet pictures on Pinterest. The textures, colors, unusual greenery, berries, vintage brooches, feathers and ribbons are so much fun and so creative... although I like a simple arrangement of just hydrangeas or lilies of the valley, too!

One of these might be re-painted to become Mother's Day card... but which one? Any opinions? :)

#1 - Blue & yellow flowers in milk glass

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#1 - Close up

#2 - Yellow ranunculus & sweet peas

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#2 - Close up

#3 - Pink flowers in blue vase

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#3 Close up

#4 - Orange & pink ranunculus with one succulent bouquet

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#4 Close up

#5 - Pink, white & blue bouquet

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#5 Close Up

I think I like #5 the best :)


  1. Oh my goodness...your paintings are amazing..I just adore the soft colours. When is your Mother's Day? Ours is in May.
    Your paintings would make beautiful cards. xox

    1. Thank you, Koralee! :) Mother's Day is in May here, too... I just wanted to get started early ;)


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