Friday, February 17, 2012

Glittered Cards...

There's something magical about glitter... how it dances in the light and creates an atmosphere of fun and enchantment. Why more things aren't covered in glitter, I'll never understand. And glass glitter... if you haven't used it, you are missing out. It's a bit more expensive, but it's like mylar glitter on steroids.

It's quite strange how glitter turns me into a boisterous 4 year old with little control. I make such a mess... slowly, but surely, the carpet in my office is becoming permanently glittered. And the dog, too. She insists on sitting directly underneath the spill zone when I'm working with the stuff. Better put on her doggles next time.

So, here are my cards... all glittered up with mylar and glass glitters and Swarovski flat back crystals, too. (You can buy them all dolled up on the website, if you are interested!).

And here they are more close up...

And here are all the cards, in display in my office on an old dresser:

And here's a fixture from the store that I HAD to have... and moved it cross country, too (everyone thought I was nuts):

I love this card rounder. It was one of those things at the shop that made it feel like a "real" shop... if that makes sense. It had one purpose and one purpose only... to spin cards in a circle. And I could hear the little ball bearings in the rounder as someone turned it. Squeaky floor told me where they were, ball bearings told me what they were looking at. We ended up getting a few other simpler card rounders, but this was my favorite. My little sparkling glittered cards have a carousel to call their own ;) Perhaps the card rounder needs a layer, or four, of glitter, too? hmmmm....

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