Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Hope everyone is having a fun-filled day with Cupid! I didn't send out any cards this year... I think I'm going to send out stuff for St. Patrick's Day instead ;) I should probably start putting that together now.

Being a little obsessed with mantle decorating (Check out the past 7 years of mantles here!), I'm going to share my handiwork on the mantle this year, which isn't as impressive as the past ones, but it still gets on the list!

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I made this garland in 2005 or 2006...

I distinctly remember glittering it while talking to a customer. So, this was a store prop :)

Now, to get to work on the St. Patrick's Day mantle. I've never done one before, so this will be a first! I don't own enough green or Irish-themed things to fill up such a large area so, best be getting to work. Pinterest, here I come! ;)

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