Monday, February 6, 2012

Art Journal... & Some Doodles...

Art journal Valentine's Day sketches... Mostly watercolor:

If the Queen of Hearts had a "good" sister

Squirrels need love, too

Love payout!

Life, Love & Understanding.... gifts!

I wrote a poem... (I never do that)

I love art journaling because it's like right brain yoga or art stretches. Do you ever look back at some of your old artwork and cringe? Perhaps you don't have any of your old work to cringe at. Yeah... typical artist. I used to trash my old art stuff all the time. Then one teacher told me to never EVER do that. You never know when a little shape, color combination, element or doodle will speak to you again. So, now I keep everything... but I have yet to work up the courage to go look at all the old stuff ;)

Oh, and I added a new card to the card collection... I think I overdid it on the stripes... but it's fun, cheerful and colorful! That's a good thing, right? I think most of my cards are over-the-top, color and pattern-wise. But isn't a celebration or time when you are trying to send someone some good cheer the time and place for over-doing it? ;)

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  1. Your art work is amazing. I wish I could doodle like you....thank you for visiting me the other day! Happy weekend.


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