Thursday, February 2, 2012

Have I mentioned that I'm making greeting cards now?

I love these colors. I've seen St. Patrick's Day cards before... but not as swell as these ;) These are going to print tomorrow... should have them next week along with a few other designs. They'll all be added to the website, soon!

Sidenote... Pinterest!!! Seriously... hours gone... *poof*. SO addicting. Add me, if you like... I'll add you back ;)

And have I mentioned that I'm selling said greeting cards in bulk, to retailers at wholesale prices, too? ;) Well, I am... in case you are interested... and how can you not be interested with the happiest Irish cupcake you've ever seen declaring its love for its mother country right there? In frosting. No pressure. (send me an email!: wholesale AT!!)

end plug.

(But honestly... I sort of love the happy green cupcake nestled in the emerald hill framed with a harp-shaped-ish frame surrounded by thistle, lily of the valley and the greenest plaid I've ever seen.)

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